MPS February Special

The MPS Air – Hydraulic Clutch allows the use of a delay box with your hydraulic clutch equipped sport bike. Some modifications may be necessary for clearance (fairing, triple clamp and switch pod). They feature a quick exhaust valve and an adjustable lever stop for better reaction times on a pro tree. The MPS Air – Hydraulic Clutch comes with everything needed for installation including: The master cylinder assembly itself, electric air valve, MPS Pro Pushbutton, clutch switch, air line tee, air line, and complete installation instructions.

You must order by 02/29/2024 at 11:59 PM and mention this e-mail to get the special!


MPS 2024 “Private Label” Contingency Program

We are very pleased to announce our 2024 MPS “Private Label” contingency program. We will pay contingency for all events of:

The “Private Label” contingency program pays 10% of your year to date purchases from MPS. Purchases made from 11/01/23 to the date of the event you win will be counted toward your 10%. All purchases must be made with a single customer number directly from MPS at racer net pricing. When you win an event, simply fill out a winners claim form. When we receive the winners claim form we will search that customer number in our database for qualifying purchases to determine your payment amount. We will pay a maximum of $100 per class, per event. All participants in the MPS “Private Label” contingency program must register online at our web site before winning an event. When you register online you will be sent a winners claim form and decals for your bike in the mail. The MPS “Private Label” contingency program requires you to run decals on both sides of your bike for the entire event. Note: The MPS "Private Label" contingency program is not part of any of the listed organizations official contingency programs.