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Video Instructions & Demos

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Air Shift Kits

Sport Bike Electric Air Shifter Gen 2 Kill Box
Sport Bike Electric Air Shifter Old Kill Box
Sport Bike Auto Electric Air Shifter  
Air Kill Air Shifter
Example of Installed Shift Cylinder

Auto Shift Control Boxes

Auto Shift
Auto Shift with Engine Kill
Auto Shift with Fuel Kill
Sport Bike Auto Shift with Kill
MSD SB-6 Auto Shift

Electronic Engine Kills

Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kill Gen 2
Sport Bike Electronic Engine Kill
Electronic Engine Kill
Fuel Kill
Quick Shifter
Hayabusa (2002 & up) ECU Shifter Kill

Air Shifter Wire Harnesses
& Switch Swappers

MPS RSR Shift Module Harness
Hayabusa & ZX14 Wire Harness
ZX12 Wire Harness
Horn Button - Air Shifter Control Harness
Horn/Shifter-Starter/NOS Control Harness

Air Clutches

Air Clutch
Deluxe Air Clutch
Air-Hydraulic Clutch Assembly

Nitrous Kits & Accessories

Spyder Dry Nitrous Kit 
ZX14 Pictures
ZX10 Pictures
R1 Pictures

Dry Nitrous Kit for FI Bikes
MPS Showerhead Solenoid
Water Methanol Injection Kit
Wide Open Throttle Switch
PC3USB Hub Switch Relay
PCV Hub Switch Relay
Fast FI Mixture Control
MPS Nitrous Purge Kit  
MPS Solenoid Rebuild Kit
Nitrous Jetting Charts


24 Volt Battery Charge/Start Auto Harness
24 Volt Battery Charge/Start Auto Harness Technical Adjustable Cam Sprockets
Adjustable Pressure Regulator
Adjustable Pressure Regulator (Old Style)
Adjustable Pressure Regulator - Inside components
Adjustable Pressure Regulator - Carolina Cycle
Air Compressor
Air Throttle Stop - Lectron
Air Throttle Stop - Mikuni
Air Valve Diode Kit
Battery Box for WPS Battery
Brock's Offset Cam Pin
Brock's Strap End Kit

Brock's Radial Mount Kit
Command Center Laptop Tray
Cylinder Head Kit
Cylinder Head Kit OS
Digital Timer
EFI Sensor Hub
EZ Drain Oil Pan
FeatherWeight Lithium Battery
Featherweight Series Switch Assemblies
Featherweight Shift Lite
FBG Hayabusa PB2 Pro Battery
Fuel Pump EFI 400# Hr
Hayabusa Head Support Posts
Hayabusa Ram Air Ducts
Helibar Hayabusa Gen I
Helibar Hayabusa Gen II
Humidity Sensor
Hydraulic Clutch Release
Ignitor Wiring
In Tank Fuel Pump Kit
Infrared Distance Sensor
Infrared Temperature Sensor

Laser Distance Sensor
LED Shift Light Bulb for Dyna Shift Light
Line Lock
Lowering Straps
NLR Hayabusa 2 Step with Ignition Kill
Oil Pan - Trap Door Style
Pressure Pro Nitrous Regulator
Pressure Pro II Nitrous Regulator
Pressure Sensor
Pressure Switch
Pro Pushbuttons
Sensei Performance Cush Drive Replacement Set
Shift Light System
Street Lite Dual Switch Assembly
Street Lite Single Switch Assembly
Street Lite Tether Kill Switch Assembly
Tach Adapter Four Coil
Tether Kill Switch
Timing Light Adapter



ARC Logo

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Spencer Cycle Instructions


Air Shifter Bracket Kits

Air Shifter Cylinder Top Mounts

Triple Trees

Adjustable Lowering Links

Bolt on Extensions


Wilburn Motorsports

WMS Air Compressor Switch