Nitrous Bottle Heaters & Blankets

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 ARC Bottle Heater 12V Pressure Control 2.5-5#



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V Pressure Control 2-2.5LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V Pressure Control 1LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V Pressure Control Kit Only



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V 2.5-5# Bottle



 ARC Bottle Heater 120V 2.5-5# Bottle



 ARC Bottle Heater Dual Voltage 2.5-5# Bottle (12V & 120V)



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V 2-2.5 LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 120V 2-2.5 LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 12V 1 LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 120V 1 LB Bottles



 ARC Bottle Heater 120V 10oz Bottles - Discontinued 1 left in stock



 ARC Adjustable Nitrous Pressure Switch


Bottle Pressure

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Warning: To protect against personal injury or equipment damage, all ARC nitrous bottle heaters must be used with an operable pressure relief valve in conjunction with a pressure gauge having an automatic heater shut-off switch.

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bottle blanket

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 NX Bottle Jacket 2.5#


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NOS Bottle Heater

NOS Bottle HeaterNitrous pressure should be kept consistent to obtain optimum performance. All NOS systems are designed to work best with a bottle pressure of 900-950 psi. Pressure is determined by the amount of nitrous contained in the bottle and temperature. The chart above shows what happens to nitrous at various temperatures. Accordingly, it's a good idea to use an NOS bottle heater. Likewise, maintaining consistent line filling is important...which is why most racers use an NOS purge valve to release nitrous vapor from the feed line. This provides liquid nitrous to the inlet of the solenoid(s) for better consistency and repeatability.

NOS systems are calibrated for optimum performance with a bottle pressure of 900-950 psi. The pressure will change with temperature (see chart below). Heater kits are thermostatically controlled to keep the bottle near 85°F to provide correct pressure.

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 NOS 2 - 5 Lb Bottle Heater Kit