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Weather Analyzer

Depending on your specific needs and budget, other weather instruments are also available. Built-in weather stations are also available for your transporter. Computech Systems has the answers to your weather station needs. For further information contact our sales and technical department. We're glad to help you find the right system at the right price.

RaceAir™Competition Weather Analyzer

An affordable all-in-one digital weather station. RaceAir™ has been designed to be completely portable and easier to use than ever. It features automatic air sampling and an internal fan control to provide consistent results. Raw values for temperature, relative humidity, and barometric pressure are displayed continuously. Automatically calculated values for Air Correction Factor, Density Altitude, Air Density Ratio, Vapor Pressure, Dry Barometer, and Dew Point Temperature can be displayed on a rotating or fixed basis. RaceAir™ utilizes state of the art atmospheric sensors with multiple point calibrations to assure precision accuracy. Back lighting is provided for night use. When combined with our Drag Race System computer, you have a combination that can't be beat!

Holosteric Barometer

Our #29-3015 is included in the #29-1000 and #29-2000 series weather stations. It has a range of 27.75 inches to 31.25 inches and offers extremely good accuracy. The dial face has a resolution of .05 inches and its precise movement is housed in a gold finished metal case. Made in France.

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