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MPS Gift Certificates

Get your MPS Gift Certificate today! They make great gifts and never expire!They are available in $25.00, $50.00 and $100.00 denominations if ordered through our online shopping cart or any amount if ordered over the phone. We will e-mail you your certificate in a .PDF file format for printing a quality numbered certificate.

MPS Gift Certificate

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 MPS Gift Certificate $25.00



 MPS Gift Certificate $50.00



 MPS Gift Certificate $100.00


MPS Dial In Board

MPS Dial In Boards

MPS 4 digit dial board with bracket1-0973 side view 1-0973 side view

MPS Dial In Board and Mount Demo Video

MPS dial in BoardJust think of all the problems you can eliminate with these trick and inexpensive MPS Dial In Board. No more running around frantically looking for shoe polish! No more wrong dial ins because the tower canít read your sloppy shoe polish digits! The MPS Dial In Board is made of lightweight plastic and can display any number up to 99.99 seconds. Easily change the your dial in seconds by flipping the panel segments. This is a must have product for bracket racers.

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 MPS Dial In Board (3 digit)



 MPS Dial In Board (3 digit) With Mounting Bracket



 MPS Dial In Board (4 digit)



 MPS Dial In Board (4 digit) With Mounting Bracket



 MPS Vibration Mounts (qty 4)



 MSD Vibration Mounts (qty 4)


MPS Timing Light Adapter
1-0808 MPS Timing Light Adapter

The MPS Timing Light Adapter was designed to allow the use of a standard inductive timing light on a bike with stick coils. Just unplug the coil from the spark plug. Slide the spark plug boot onto the spark plug. Push the screw end into the stick coil. Clamp the light onto the wire. Checking the timing is a must when installing stand alone ECUs. Most modern bikes do not have timing marks. You will need to make the marks yourself. This will require you to set up a degree wheel and make your marks. Some bikes will require you to get an extra engine cover to modify with a hole and a pointer. Hayabusas can be marked on the starter clutch with a punch. Instructions

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 MPS Timing Light Adapter for Stick Coils


Dial in Board Mount Demo

MPS Oil Fill Funnel Installed


MPS Oil Fill Funnel

Check out our new Oil Fill Funnel for Suzuki. It screws into the oil cap hole. No more having to hold the funnel! Available now in 5 colors!

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 MPS Oil Fill Funnel - Please Specify Color



 MPS Oil Fill Funnel Blue



 MPS Oil Fill Funnel Red



 MPS Oil Fill Funnel Green



 MPS Oil Fill Funnel Yellow


Hot Cams Cam Degreeing Kit
Cam Degreeing Kit


Hot Cams offers a conveniently-priced comprehensive installation kit for anyone looking to perform camshaft installs or modifications Includes a degree wheel, dial indicator with long and short reach studs, adjustable magnetic stand, three positive stops (10mm, 12mm, 14mm threads) and a wooden carrying case


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 Cam Degreeing Kit


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 MPS Weather Station Trailer Mount


Brock's Valve Clearance Tool

Brock's Valve Clearance ToolThe Brockís Performance Products Valve Tool (66-BPP-VTOOL2) is designed to quickly and easily determine piston to valve clearance in late model shim-over-bucket style Sportbike engines.

66-BPP-VTOOL2 is used to measure the piston to valve distance (Intake and Exhaust) by levering the valve down to gently touch the piston at its closest point relevant to crankshaft rotation. A plunger style dial indicator is used to measure the travel of the bucket until the valve touches the piston. This allows the engine builder to measure the exact amount of clearance without the use of clay or repeated disassembly. Piston to valve clearance is CRITCAL to engine life. The best horsepower producing lobe center numbers make little or no difference if your engine is destroyed due to piston to valve collision while using them. Minimum pistons to valve clearance specifications are different for each engine/configuration. The combination of variables is huge with most clearance requirements being determined as a result of experience. Adjustable cam sprockets are required to set clearances. By using this tool you will also realize that minimum clearance WILL NEVER be found at top dead center (always before or after), this mind set has destroyed many engines. Brockís Performance Products supplies specifications for our components, contact us for details.

66-BPP-VTOOL2 is designed specifically for the Suzuki Hayabusa, but has also been found to be useful in many other applications from 600cc engines to Pro Stock.

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 Brock's Valve Clearance Inspection Tool


0-15 psi Tire Gauge

0-15psi Tire Gauge

This is a 2-1/2" glow in the dark dial face tire pressure gauge with air pressure release button, internal gauge damper, 17" ultra-flexable hose with a swivel chuck. Included is a chrome angle chuck installed on the swivel fitting and a ball chuck so you always have the right version. Why buy the wrong version from the competition when we simply include what you need in one package? The thread on angle and ball chuck can be changed in seconds if your valve stem access changes. Higher quality at a better price than the competition. Why choose when this gives you everything all in one package!

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 Tire Gauge 0-15 psi 2.5'' Glow Face


Raytek Non-Contact Temperature Gun

In the past, many temperatures were left to guesswork since direct measurement was difficult and in some cases practically impossible. The Raytek non-contact thermometer allows fast, accurate temperature measurement of any exposed surface. Track surface, tire surface, radiator, manifolds, housings, even liquids. Just aim the gun and squeeze the trigger to receive an instantaneous digital temperature display, nothing is easier. Made in the U.S.A.

Raytek Non-Contact Temperature Gun






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 Raytek Non-Contact Temperature Gun



 Temperature Gun Holster


BikeMaster Tiedowns

BikeMaster Tiedowns

  • 1,200 lbs straight tension strength
  • Individual 1" strap has vinyl-coated hook on 1 end and a zinc coated hook on the other
  • Straps are double-stitched with woven webbing
  • 1" x 6 ft sold in pairs
  • We only stock black but all colors are available

BikeMaster Tiedown Extensions

  • Extends the usable length of the tiedown straps
  • Measures 18" long
  • Provides additional protection for fiberglass and metal parts
  • Sold in pairs
  • We only stock black but all colors are available











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 BikeMaster Tiedown - Black



 BikeMaster Tiedown Extension - Black