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Mini 2 Stage Progressive Nitrous Controller

NOS Mini 2 Stage Nitrous Controller

Getting the most out of your nitrous system and putting more power to the ground when traction is at its best is the goal with anyone using nitrous as a Power Adder. The new, updated Mini 2-stage progressive nitrous controller from NOS is packed with features that makes that challenge much easier. Two completely independent stages of nitrous/fuel control, each with independent throttle position activation switch and progressive ramps. RPM on/off control eliminates the need for a window switch and allows you to turn the nitrous on and off at set points & conditions. Two programmable outputs, allowing control of timing retard or other devices. The hand held 2.4" LCD touch screen display (w/ included stylus), makes programming quick and simple and allows you to mount the main controller housing out of sight. The LCD also displays RPM, bottle pressure (optional), and stage activation providing robust monitoring of your Nitrous system.


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 NOS Mini 2 Stage Nitrous Controller Gen 2