MPS Air Shifters

The Original And Still The Best Electric Air Shifter! MPS Air Shifter

Our Electric Air Shifter gives you perfect shifts at the push of a button. The Electric Air Shifter includes all components and instructions necessary for a basic installation, however you will need to fabricate your own shifter bracketry. The Electronic Engine Kill features easy kill time adjustment. We invented the MPS Air Shifter Minus Bottle and KillElectronic Engine Kill back in 1988 so we can offer our exclusive, no hassle, free repair or replacement lifetime warranty. Be sure to ask about that when buying a brand x copycat shifter. Our shifters come with push in style air fittings. These little jewels are so much nicer to work with than the old fashioned ferrule type that need replaced every time you remove the line. A DOT air bottle is included so you can upgrade to the high pressure system without needing to buy a new bottle. Custom wiring harnesses with a shifter/horn toggle switch are available as an option for some specific bikes to make wiring your MPS shifter a snap.


MPS Air Shifter w/ RSR Air Shift Module

Standard or Autoshift - Kill Times Per Gear - Shift RPM Per Gear

This new MPS Air Shifter Kit has it all! DOT Air Bottle, Stainless Steel Shift Cylinder, Electric Air Valve, Push In Fittings, Air Pressure Gauge, Air Line, and the new RSR Air Shift Module. The RSR Air Shift Module allows the user to choose between ignition or fuel kill. Engine kill times are adjustable per gear shift. This is great for those with 1-2, 1-2-3, or 1-2-3-4 auto transmissions. The adjustable solenoid advance time setting allows the solenoid to apply pressure to the shift linkage before the engine kill sequence begins for no wasted kill time. Auto Shifting is built into the controller and can shift each gear at a different rpm. Can be wired to ground or +12v shift buttons for manual shifting. Works on most motorcycle applications.

02 and Up Hayabusa ECU Kill Air Shifter

MPS ECU Air Shifter

The MPS ECU Shifter Kill is the new high tech innovative way to kill the engine to air shift. MPS reprograms your factory Suzuki Hayabusa 2002 and up ECU to allow it to kill both the fuel and ignition between shifts. It features a small delay in activation to effectively load the shifter before the kill event occurs. This works particularly well for dry nitrous bikes to eliminate the pop between gears and does not trigger the FI light. The ECU Shifter Kill comes complete with a MPS ECU Kill Harness that features total plug and play compatibility and requires absolutely no cutting or splicing. It also has a toggle switch to select standard horn operation or air shifter activation with your horn button. It can be installed easily in just a few minutes. The ECU is reprogrammed with 70ms kill time. Any kill time between 30ms and 120ms in 10ms increments can be programmed.

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MPS Big Cylinder Kit

MPS Inline Air Filter


MPS strongly recommends installing an inline air filter to keep debris out of your air valve. The all-anodized, lightweight (.08 lbs) aluminum housing is compact (2.3" length, .75" diameter) and can be used directly before the air valve. The element is 40 micron, which insures minimum pressure drop.





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1-0285 harness

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 MPS Sport Bike Air Shifter with Engine Kill



 MPS Sport Bike Air Shifter Minus Bottle



 M P S Sportbike Air Shifter Minus Kill



 M P S Sportbike Air Shifter Minus Kill Minus Bottle



 MPS Air Shifter w/ RSR Air Shift Module



 MPS Air Shifter w/ RSR Air Shift Module Minus Bottle



 MPS Sport Bike Air Shifter with Big Cylinder Kit



 MPS 02+ Hayabusa ECU Kill Air Shifter with ECU Flashing



 MPS 02+ Hayabusa Ecu Kill Air Shifter with ECU Flashing Minus Bottle



 MPS 02+ Hayabusa ECU Kill Air Shifter No Flashing



 MPS 02+ Hayabusa ECU Kill Air Shifter No Flashing Minus Bottle



 MPS Air Shifter Big Cylinder Kit



 MPS Air Shifter Big Cylinder Upgrade (when purchasing an air shifter)



 MPS Air Filter 1/8'' NPT Inline



 MPS Air Filter 1/4'' NPT Inline



 MPS Pressure Switch



 MPS Air Valve Diode Kit



 MPS Quick Shifter Switch